Mystery Signals of the Short Wave

Dedicated to the more unusual, strange, bizarre and apparently meaningless signals on the short wave bands !

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Anyone who has listened to the short wave bands on more than a casual basis, will be aware of the huge variety of signals to be heard from broadcasting to amateur and utility stations.

Over the years, methods of transmission have changed. Much of the old morse (CW) has gone , single side band (SSB) has largely replaced Amplitude Modulation (AM), and more and more digital modes are appearing - and are in use today by broadcasters, amateurs and utility stations. All of these stations have a purpose.

Throughout all this time short wave listeners have listened to, studied and speculated over a number of strange signals found on the short wave bands. Signals which defy explanation, ignore band plans, and seem to have no rational purpose.

Some of these signals are Numbers Stations - Male, female or even digitised voices reading groups of numbers or letters, around the clock and on a variety of schedules, often accompanied by snatches of tunes or interval signals.


This leaves a very much smaller number of mysterious signals which first came to my attention through a group called ENIGMA, (who studied these Numbers Stations), via their newsletter.

In a section of their newsletter called "Things That Go Buzz In The Night", my interest and curiosity were captured by this strange collection of bizarre transmissions.

What is the purpose of these signals?   Who is transmitting them?   Why are they not listed in published frequency lists or acknowledged by governments?   Why can't we find out more about them?

Some of the signal have been heard for years clicking and buzzing away, others disappear only to pop up again and again, creating their own piece of mystery while others occupy the short wave bands for a short time and disappear forever.

The purpose of this site is to gather and disseminate information on these signals, and to offer possible explanations and answers to the puzzle.


Do you have any information on these signals?   Are they exceptionally strong at your location?   Do you have a transmitter site near you?

All information, theories and comments are welcome - Send it anonymously if you wish. Anonymity will be strictly observed where requested.

Information received will only be placed on this website with the contributors permission.

Credit will be given to sender - unless otherwise requested. Or just drop me a quick E-mail - just to say hello!

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